The role of "which"


This is the link:
Inheritors of the Earth

In the page above there is a sentence highlighted in yellow.
I want to know "If change is inevitable, which it is, we should then ask~~"

I can see that it refers to change and inevitable is dropped after is, but i'm not sure of what role which has.
Thank you in advance.
  • owlman5

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    "Which" serves as a relative pronoun that refers back to "inevitable": If change is inevitable, which it is, we should.... = If change is inevitable, and it is inevitable, we should...

    If you use "which" as the author did, you don't have to use "inevitable" twice in the same sentence to make the same remark. "Which it is" was an efficient way for the author to insert a personal opinion about the inevitability of change.


    Do you mean relative nouns can refer to an adjective? Oh i thought it can refer to nouns only. Thank you for your explanation.
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