the sad joke


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The following passages are from a friend of mine.

For many years, people believed that the brain, like the body, rested during sleep. After all, we are rendered unconscious by sleep. Perhaps, it was thought, the brain just needs to stop thinking for a few hours every day. Wrong. During sleep, our brain - the organ that directs us to sleep - is itself extraordinarily active. And much of that activity helps the brain to learn, to remember and to make connections.
It wasn't so long ago that the sad joke in research circles was that everyone knew sleep had something to do with memory - except for the people who study sleep and the people who study memory."

Then, I'm not quite sure what the sad joke is about. What is the joke about!
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    You would expect that the people most likely to understand the connection between sleep and memory would be the people who actually studied sleep and memory. The fact that this was not so, is ironic.
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