The salad is too salty to eat/be eaten

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My roommate made some salad. She always likes to put much salt in eveything. I told her"Please go easy on salt, okay? The salad is too salty to eat."

I wonder which is correct, the salad is too salty to eat be eaten.

Thank you so much.
  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    The salad is too salty. (Would we do anything else with it but eat it anyway?)
    An alternative: The salad is so salty that nobody can eat it.

    The salad is too salty to eat, but it might be useful for some other purpose.o_O


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    English (American)
    "Too salty to eat" sounds just fine to me. ("Too salty" by itself doesn't really mean the same thing, because the salad might be only marginally too salty but still very edible.)


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    Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect

    I ate out in a restaurant. I ordered a few dishes, however, one of them tastes salty and I gave it back to the restaurant, I said:

    It's too salty.

    I wonder if it's okay to say so.
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