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  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    I'm slightly confused on how to express this phrase. For instance, you are explaining two different English expressions to someone (maybe "how are you"? and "how's it going"?) and you want to express that there is little to no difference between the two. In English, I would just say that these two expressions are "the same thing". Is there a way to express this in Russian?
  2. mirla Senior Member

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    Well, I would say in such case Они ничем/почти не отличаются.
    Они почти одинаковые.
    Они значат в целом одно и то же.
    Можно сказать и так и так. Разницы нет или почти нет (I would prefer this one, sound most usual to me).
  3. Budspok Senior Member

    Lübertsy, Russian Federation
    однО и тО же
  4. Boyar

    Boyar Senior Member

    тО же сАмое
    Это выражение означает то же самое (что и предыдущее).

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