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Hi members.
This is scene from the novel of "Patriot Games"

In the scene, Cathy showed her ID card to Scott and she introduced herself to scott that she also is a doctor.
Then Scott replied with smile and introduced himself to Cathy that his name is "Charles Scott.".

Cathy asked, "Sir Charles Scott? Professor Scott?"
And Scott replied "
The same"

Here, does "The same" mean that you can call me "Sir Charles Scott" or "Professor Scott?" as you want?

  • Hermione Golightly

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    It does not say what she should call him (how she should address him) although he gives his name without mentioning his titles. Few people would dream of introducing themselves by their title/s.
    She will have to ask him how he wishes to be addressed, 'Shall I call you Sir Charles or Professor Scott?' He might say 'Just call me Charlie'.

    'The same' means 'That's me.'
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