1. Sophie_Bangs New Member

    Bolivian Spanish
    I'm translating into Spanish a chapter of a book about sailors, pirates, ships, and stuff, and I came across the following paragraph:
    I begin banging on the keyboard, pandering to the Captain by starting with a quote from an old traditional Irish sailor’s song “The Sea Rover”, one ofthe Captain’s favorites when maudlin and drunk: "I am anold sea rover and the blood through my veins is fresh and salty asthe sea..." (where the Captain is a "bulbous German" who is at the head of a cargo carrier).
    Rover seems to be a tricky word, and I'm pretty unsure about how to translate the tittle of that song.
    My first try was: "El Marinero Errante", but then I found out that Rover could also be "pirate", so maybe "El Viejo Pirata" could work better. Although it is not literal from the English version, I think it sounds more like a song tittle.
    Any ideas?
  2. Cambria

    Cambria Senior Member

    Español de España / Catalán
    Mi intento: "El vagabundo/trotamundos del mar"
  3. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    I'm inclined to side with Cambria. I liked your "El marinero errante" though.

    A rover is someone who roves around, moves around, is restless. Pirates are definitely rovers, but not all rovers are pirates. ¿Me explico?
  4. Sophie_Bangs New Member

    Bolivian Spanish
    Great to have some feedback!
    I think Cambria has a quite correct option, although "El marinero errante" has a better flow maybe, so for now I will keep that one. And very useful clarification Txiri :)
    Lots of thanks both of you!

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