The Set of Gargoyle

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Hi, WRPs right here.

When I sometimes carfully ponder over such a case or having a tough examination , then I tend to be in the set of the gargoyle.
My question is this:
What do you call this kind of set?
I am setting with my right arm erected ; holding my chin.My chin is on my clenched-finger palm.

Kindly, look at the following picture of Gargoyle:

Correction and answering are appreciated.
Shokrun Jazeelan
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    What a sweet gargoyle!

    "Resting my chin in the palm of my hand" might be one way to express it.


    Hiya ayed,
    While "set" is a perfectly fine word for what you describe, "pose" would be more readily understood by most people.
    Also, gargoyles come in many styles and poses and not many people would understand your thinking when you say "set/pose of a gargoyle".

    But, to answer your question, the pose is probably best described as
    • a thoughtful pose
    • a pensive pose
    • a reflective pose


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    I'll adopt your suggestions.
    Panjandrum, thank you and the link you have provided is exactly so.
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