the shaggy steerage man

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    Help¡ I need the meaning of this phrase, this is the context

    Rowe runs up and pulls Jack off Rose, revealing her dishevelled and sobbing on the deck. Her dress is torn, and the hem is pushing up above her kness, showing one ripped stocking. He looks at Jack, the shaggy steerage man with jacket off, and the first lady clearly in distress...
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    "Shaggy" might refer to long hair, perhaps unkempt facial hair. It might also refer to clothes that are not in good condition.

    "Steerage" might refer to where he rides or where he works, in the part of a ship where the poorest passengers ride.
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    Shaggy - Greñudo, desgreñado.
    Steerage man - Hombre que viaja en 3ª clase.

    ¿Mejor ahora? ;)
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    Pero eso es "Titanic", Leonardo di Caprio encarnaba a Jack y Kate Winslet a Rose.
    Steerage es tercera clase (en un barco).
  5. Áristos

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    Pensé que "steerage man" era lo mismo que "steersman".
    Ya lo corregí. I'm sorry.


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