The show is from last year. or The show is last year's.


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Suppose that you and your friends are watching a TV show. During the show, you are surprised that they can tell you what is going to happen next. Then, they say: "We know everything about it because

(1) It is from last year.

(2) It is last year's.

Which one is correct, suggesting that they watched it when it was broadcast last year? Thanks for your help.
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    I'd say "because we saw it last year." After all, that is the reason they know what will happen. There are many shows from last year that I could not say this about because I didn't watch them. The key to their knowledge is their having watched the show, not its age.


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    Casually, you might say “because it’s been on before” (or, if you want to specify when, “because it was on last year – this is a repeat”).
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