the sighting-in

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That was the sound of a skilled rifleman watching where his first cold shot went. So many variables. The cold barrel, the range, the wind, the zeroing, the sighting-in.
Source: One Shot by Lee Child
Context: Jack Reacher is contemplating the shooting of the previous day.

What is the in in sighting-in? I understand that it refers to the scope (telescopic sight of a rifle). I find these appended ' in' confusing. Here's another exmpale of the appended -in: There was a glassed-in board made of ridged black felt with press-in white letters.

Thank you.
  • sdgraham

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    "sight in" or "sighting in" are fixed expressions. Idioms if you will.

    It's a waste of time trying to analyze such idioms' structure.


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    I am quite familiar with the phrase and I cannot add any logic for the "in"; it needs to be there to achieve the meaning of adjusting the gun sights so that the bullet hits at the point of aim.
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