"The Singapore Brand (is) shedding its assessment cloak...


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"The Singapore Brand (is) shedding its assessment cloak and taking a more holistic approach to outcomes - with values of education being given prominence," he said.

I often see a word within brackets in conversation in our local newspapers. What is the purpose of the bracketed word? Does it mean that the speaker has left out that word when speaking.

  • secretlife

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    I would expect square brackets [...] and I was taught at school that you use them when you are missing out a certain part of what someone said, yes, but you include it in your quote in brackets to make the sentence make sense.

    Keith Bradford

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    It means you are reading a very conscientious newspaper!

    The original speaker may have said something like "Now we see the Singapore Brand shedding its assessment cloak" or maybe "By next week, the Singapore Brand will be shedding its assessment cloak..." Now a week has passed, and the journalist wants to quote accurately, so he uses inverted commas. But rather than make the slightest alteration to the text he inserts his own word between brackets.
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