(The?) Singer and songwriter John Lennon


Singer and songwriter John Lennon articulated his dream when he wrote in the lyrics of "Imagine" the following: "Imagine all the people living in peace. ...

It's incorrect to say "The singer and songwriter John Lennon" instead of "Singer and songwriter John Lennon," isn't it?

Last month, the newspaper Japan Times ran a story about Junichiro Yamashita and Hisato Ryono, two city council members from the whaling town of Taiji who bought pilot whale meat samples at area supermarkets and brought them to a lab for testing.

It's not correct to say "newspaper Japan Times" in place of "the newspaper Japan Times," is it?

Any rules?

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    No, inclusion of the article is not incorrect.

    Omission of the article is a stylistic matter - it's often done in 'journalese'.
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