The sky lights up at sunrise

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Is this sentence right: The sky lights up at sunrise?

I find the definetion of light up is "cause something to become bright".

So it should be "The sun lights up the sky", not "The sky lights up" because the latter looks like it lights up by itself.

If "The sky lights up at sunrise" is correct, can I say "My house lights up after evening"?

Thanks a lot.
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    Yes, you can say that the sky lights up at sunrise; "light up" can be either transitive or intransitive.

    I would guess that your house lights up at dusk or at sunset, not after the evening has ended (you probably turn out the lights and go to sleep then).


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    Light up can be used transitively or intransitively. In the intransitive use, it just means 'become bright'. 'The sky lights up at sunrise' is a good sentence. We also use it metaphorically as in 'His face lit up when he heard the news'.

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