the smallest washing machine I've ever seen


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I watched a YouTube video just now. A young lady was introducing her newly-rented apartment. She pointed at a washing machine and said, "This is the smallest washing machine I've ever seen".

I might be wrong, but I think "ever" is used in sentences with negative words and questions. Can it be used in affirmative sentences?

Thanks a lot.
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    You mean, as an example, "That's the biggest washing machine I've ever seen"? Also, in the OP, small may be a positive attribute, rather than negative! In other words, you post/question is not very clear.


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    "Ever" is not restricted to negative sentences. As I said to my travel companion when our flight landerd in Iceland some years ago, "This is the furthest north I've ever been."* That is somewhere between neutral and positive.

    Where did you read this non-rule?

    *No longer true after a trip to northern Finland with the same travel companion, who in the intervening years had become my wife.


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    That comment was about one specific use: "I have ever lost my keys."

    It is not correct about "all uses of the word ever".

    The way it is worded, you might think it means that. But it doesn't.


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    It’s true in some uses but certainly not all. The first entry for it in Lexico reads:
    [usually with negative or in questions] At any time.


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    That’s a very big ask. It’s complicated, as you’ll see if you look it up in dictionaries. But here are a few thoughts, at least…

    I think ever can be used wherever negative verb + ever can replace positive verb + never. For example:
    Don’t ever do that again! / Never do that again!
    They didn’t ever forget / They never forgot

    I wouldn’t ever do that :tick: / Would you ever do that? :tick: (works in negatives and questions)
    I always make that mistake :tick:/ I ever make that mistake :cross:
    It is always in my thoughts :tick: / It is ever in my thoughts :thumbsdown: (correct but archaic/literary)
    (Note that in the negative, not always and not ever have different meanings!)

    If ever you need help, just ask :tick:
    Did he ever call you back? :tick:
    She was more angry than I ever realised :tick:

    We seem to be going round in ever decreasing circles :tick:

    EVER (used for emphasis)
    Why ever would anyone think that? :tick:
    I don’t know how we ever managed without them :tick:
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