the smeller is the feller

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Hello. I have heard the phrase 'the smeller is the feller' said to someone who asked who farted but I am not sure which definition of the word fellow I should be looking at. What sense is the word feller/fellow used in? Thank you.
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    It might mean "The feller/fellow who says 'Who farted'?" is the one who farted and is attempting to imply that it was someone else who contributed to global warming by increasing the methane content of the atmosphere by "passing gas" — attmepting to pass the gaseous buck, as it were. :D
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    It really just means "person" in that saying. It's chosen simply because it rhymes.

    2. Terms a person;
    They don't treat a fellow very well here.

    The smeller* is the feller (person) [who made the smell].

    * The one who mentions smelling it out loud.
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