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Can you help me to translate this expression: of the soon-to-be Fauve school
;) Does it mean the recent Fauve movement? Thanks
  • It's in this contexte: The landscape, which has the intense colors of the soon-to-be Fauve school but not its outlines, is a breathtaking masterpiece exhibited many times...
    What do you think about?Merci:)
    Hi All,

    I must agree with Scrivener. The soon-to-be X, tells me that X is going to come into existence soon. In the context of historical narrative, it tells that X will come into existence soon after the time of the current context in the telling.

    Note: There are some who prefer to get all the context possible at the beginning of the thread. Those who prefer wild guessing games are in the minority. ;) For me, the preference varies with my mood.

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