The students never, ever forgot their homework


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What is the best way to correct this sentence..
"The students never, ever forgot their homework it was their honor and pleasure to do the best job that they could do."
  • elroy

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    Put a semicolon after "homework."

    Alternatively, split it into two sentences at that juncture.


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    Either split into two sentences after homework, or use a semicolon there.

    Edit: Alternatively, you could do it Elroy's way - which I'm pleased to say is the same as mine.
    Yep, "ever" adds emphasis and flavor for me, too.

    I'd do a semi colon or split it in two.

    Also, out of curiosity, where did you get this sentence?

    Honor and pleasure makes it seem like the students LOVED their homework. I haven't seen a situation like that yet. I can tell you one thing. I despise my Spanish project. It's getting done. Actually, it's almost done now :) Getting off topic, I better stop.