the substitute sovereign


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The quotation comes from BBC UK China - 潮流英語 - Playing the Queen 隨身英語:飾演英女王

Quotation: Earlier this month, another counterfeit Queen sparked a frenzy at a shopping centre in Shanghai. Crowds flocked to try and get a glimpse of the substitute sovereign, but after a double-take they soon realised she was a fake. But the knock-off version still provided an amusing photo opportunity for everyone.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand how "subsititute" works here. Does it mean "the player for the Queen"?
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    It means someone playing the role of the Queen in this sentence - this is not a common way of using "substitute": it has been chosen to avoid repeating "counterfeit Queen"


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    Substitute means to take the place of. So this fake queen is taking the place of the real queen in this situation. Hypothetically. In reality, the real queen wasn't coming there at all.
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