the sun don't just shine on your story


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It's the movie "Jane got a gun".

Jane is arguing with her ex fiance who went to war and didn't write a letter to let her know he was alive, because she, after three years of waiting, married another. He is angry with her why she didn't wait. So, they are angry with each other.

At this point, Jane says to him,
"You might want to see a day where the sun don't just shine on your story. 'Cause there is a whole world out there of other people's tales, you just care and listen."

After this, he says to her,
"Okay, well, if we get through this, you can tell me all about it, Jane."

They are facing some bad guys.

I am a bit baffled by "sun shine on your story". Any idea? Is it maybe something that got to do with luck? "I thought you were not my luck any more"? As a matter of fact, totally fogy this for me.

Thank you
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    From your description, I believe it just means that she's accusing him of focusing only on his side of the story, and not making the effort to understand her side of the story and why she did what she did.


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    To me it's a little more general. She's saying "there are lots of people in the world. You might want to take a little time and see that there is more than your little story going on in the world. Everyone has a story. The world is not all about you."
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