the tabloid papers and current affairs news <is /are> trashy

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In my opinion, the tabloid papers and current affairs news is trashy and exaggerate some issues. (This makes no sense! They're talking about two things and still use "is" instead of "are". And at the end of the sentence they say the papers they're talking about "exaggerate". Shouldn't they have then used "exaggerates" if they really want to talk about two things as one? Confusing!)
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    You're right - this is messy, and the best fix would be to change "is" to "are." (Especially since "the tabloid papers" would count as a plural subject all by themselves.)

    Hendiadys - the rhetorical device of taking a compound subject as one, singular subject - is very rare in English. You haven't stumbled onto an example thereof, sadly.


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    You might also wonder what the function of "current affairs" is. Does "current affairs news" contrast with "ancient Sumerian news"?
    "Current affairs news" might contrast with sports news, entertainment news, society news, technology news, business news, and other categories of news that aren't considered "current affairs."
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