The taste is too salty


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Hello everyone!

If you are eating out with you friends, when your food comes, you taste it, and you friends ask how is it(the food), would you say,
1. The taste is too salty.
If the food is too salty?
Is that not natural or too serious?

What about if your mom is teaching you how to cook, and you cook a dish and ask your mom to taste it, it is too salt, would your mom say "The taste is too salty."??

I'm not sure that is right. But I think the usual phrase is "It's too salty."

Please explain!

Thank you!
  • JamesM

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    You could say "It tastes too salty" or "The food tastes too salty". "The taste is too salty" would only be used in rare contexts. For example, "I don't like swedish licorice; the taste is too salty for me."

    When you say "It/The food tastes too salty" you are saying that the food has too much salt in it. When you say "The taste is too salty (for me)" you are saying that it has the right amount of salt for that particular food but you don't care for things that are that salty.


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    Thanks Edinburgher!

    Hi James,
    In your example, would it be correct to say "I don't like Swedish licorice; it is too salty for me / it tastes too salty to me." to mean it has the right amount for that food, and maybe for most people, but not for me (thus, "the taste is too salty for me.")??
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