the thick book on the dictionary on your left

  • 我要你左边(的)词典上的那本厚书。

    那(个) 这(个) are usually inserted between long attributives and nouns. The meaning doesn't change without it.

    EDIT: It's off topic, but “The meaning doesn't change without it.” seems not accurate.

    When you focus on “WHICH”, you'd better add 这个/那个.
    When you focus on “WHAT”, you can't use it.
    ——?白色的(书)。(natural only when the context is very clear)


    ——白色的那本书。(It's an indirect answer.)

    But the following sentences are natural. 1, 2 sounds better.

    Since 你的 has already answered “WHICH book”, the following phrases sound like hints which help your find the book and is put after “那”.
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