The thinking man's crumpet

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    What does this sentence mean, "Paxman is surely the ultimate thinking woman's crumpet"? Here is the context taken out and copied from the Cambridge dictionary:
    the thinking woman's/man's crumpet UK humorousa way of describing a man or a woman who is popular with the opposite sex because they are intelligent as well as being physically attractive
    Paxman is surely the ultimate thinking woman's crumpet.

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    "crumpet" is a BrE slang word meaning a sexually attractive person. Originally it was very similar in meaning to 'bimbo' - an attractive but not particularly intelligent woman.

    2Brit. informal women regarded as objects of sexual desire.

    Then it was applied to people who were both attractive and intelligent. So a 'thinking man' (intelligent man) would be attracted to a thinking man's crumpet (an intelligent and attractive woman).

    This presumably refers to Jeremy Paxman an English TV political journalist and interviewer. It means he is both good-looking and intelligent and therefore attractive to 'thinking women'.
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    Thank you very much

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