the thousand-year siding


A telemarketer calls someone, offering the company's product — vinyl siding.
Telemarketer: I'm calling on behalf of the Vinylright corporation, which would like to put a crisp $100 bill into your hand by 5:00 tomorrow evening.
Client: Yeah, listen. I'm not really interested at this time.
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, $100, all for allowing us the privilege of introducing you to Vinylright siding, the thousand-year siding that never needs painting or maintenance.
The X-Files, episode Folie à Deux

Please, what does the bold part mean here, and what does the article refer to?
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    It means vinyl siding that will last for one thousand years. It has a "the" because they are claiming it's the ONLY vinyl siding that will last for a thousand years--of course, it would be if that claim were true.


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    I don't know what a 'siding' is here, but whatever it is it's the one and only siding that lasts for a thousand years, and won't ever need painting or maintaining during that time.

    Not an easy claim to disprove. :rolleyes:

    Crossed with witchqueen, with whom I agree.


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    (Hence the name :D Following the logic of flooring and roofing. It's not so familiar to UK folks because houses there are rarely built of wood and the brick/stone/concrete sides of houses don't need any siding. I learnt this when I moved! The closest you might come in BE would be cladding, unfortunately in the news recently in the Grenfell disaster)
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