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  1. eno2

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    El Hierro de Canarias
    In Forum rules it is said:

    The thread title should be the word or sentence you want to translate. Not the translation you have made of it.

    So in Spanish-English sub-forum, one should always put a Spanish word/sentence in order to be helped to translate it in English.

    Have I got that correctly? (Because that's mostly not what I see in the Forum)
  2. Mate

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    Castellano - Argentina
    Hi, eno2.

    As all WR bi-lingual forums, The Spanish-English forum is two-ways.
    If you know how to say something in English and you want it translated into Spanish, the title must include al least the keywords in English. In the same way, if your question is how to say something in English, the title must contain the words or at least the keywords in Spanish.

    Should you come across a bad title, please report it to the moderators pressing the little triangle at the bottom left of the post and we'll fix the problem.

  3. eno2

    eno2 Senior Member

    El Hierro de Canarias
    OK Mate ;)

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