The Three Inseparables

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    By ‘The Three Inseparables’, ‘the three inseparable things’ is meant.

    It is the title of a short witticism. Please, how can I best translate the complete witticism?

    Here it is:
    A: What are the three inseparables?
    B: A pretty girl and her mirror, a lawyer and his fee and a smoker and his cigarette.

    What is meant is that these are the three things in the world which it is truly impossible to separate from one another.

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    I confused a little (Is it pun intended?)... At first sight I got it as "three things that can't be separated from each other" which can be translated into Turkish as "ayrılmaz üçlü" or "yapışık üçlü". (3X1 entity inseparable)

    But then you have introduced it as "three different "twin entities which (these twins ) can't be separated from each one"; in that case it may be rendered as "üç ayrılmaz ikili" or "üç yapışık ikili". (3Xinseparable twins).

    If it is a pun intended; then one of first twin must be choosen. If not; the one of last twin...

    A: Bil bakalım .......... (your choise from above) nedir?
    B: Güzel bir kız ve aynası; avukat ve ücreti; tiryaki ve sigarası.
    (Here; first and third inseparable twin may be sensefull for Turkish ears but other (a lawyer and his fee) may not. You may need to find out another twin to be familiar to ears of the Turkish people.
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    Thank you so much, truly most helpful.

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