the thuck sound <might as well have been> the blade penetrating a special chamber of his heart.

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park sang joon

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The cartoonist Clay shielded the knife a zombie-like man brandished, using his portfolio carrying his sample work and the knife is stuck in the portfolio.

What Clay felt was a species of dismal outrage. That blade had gone through all of his Dark Wanderer pictures(to him they were always pictures, never drawings or illustrations), and it seemed to him that the thuck sound might as well have been the blade penetrating a special chamber of his heart.

I'd like to know whether "might as well have been" means "had better have been" or "was equal to."
Thank you in advance for your help.
  • Yes, it was metaphorically equal to the blade penetrating his heart. (hugely if not lethally upsetting and distressing)

    Note the phrase contrasts two things NOT equal; but suggest the EFFECT of one could well be equal to the other. "The boy's state suggests that the death of his dog might as well be (like) the death of his brother."
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