The title says it all


Hello, what's the equivalent of this idiom in your language?

The title says it all.
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  • Greek:

    «Ο τίτλος τα λέει όλα» [o ˈtitlos ta ˈle.i ˈola] (word for word translation).
    A more natural expression is «ό,τι λέει ο τίτλος» [ˈoti ˈle.i o ˈtitlos] --> whatever/everything the title says.

    -MoGr masc. «τίτλος» [ˈtitlos] --> title, headline, header/headling < Koine masc. «τίτλος» títlŏs --> title, inscription < Lat. titulus.
    -MoGr anaphoric «ό,τι» [ˈoti] --> anything, whatever < neuter of Classical anaphoric pronoun «ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ τι» hóstis (masc.), hḗtis (fem.), hó tĭ --> anyone who, anything which, whatever (PIE *h₁i̯o- anaphoric pronoun who, which cf Skt. यद् ‎(yás), Av. yō, Lith. jis, Proto-Slavic *jь + PIE *kʷis- interrogative pronoun who? what? cf Skt. किम् ‎(kim‎), what?, Av. kō (idem), Lat. quis).
    Note that in MoGr the anaphoric «ό,τι» is written with a comma to distinguish it from the conjunction «ότι» [ˈoti] --> that.


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    Sardu / Italianu
    Italian :

    Il titolo dice tutto

    Sardinian :

    Su títulu nàrat* totu

    * In Sardinian the Latin verb "dicere" is not present, instead it was replaced by the Latin verb "Narrare" (to tell); in Sardinian "Narrare or Nàrrere"


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    In Polish:

    tytuł mówi wszystko (verbatim) or tytuł mówi sam za siebie (the title speaks for itself)


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    In Polish:
    tytuł mówi wszystko (verbatim) or tytuł mówi sam za siebie (the title speaks for itself)
    In Russian I'd likely say заголовок говорит сам за себя (zagolovok govorit sam za sebya) [zəgɐ'ɫovək gəvɐ'ɾ̪ʲit̪ 'sam zə sʲɪ'bʲa] - "the title speaks for itself", lit. "title speaks (by) itself for itself", or more generally название говорит само за себя (nazvaniye govorit samo za sebya) [nɐ'zvanʲəjə gəvɐ'ɾ̪ʲit̪ sɐ'mo zə sʲɪ'bʲa] - "the name speaks for itself", lit. "name (of something) speaks (by) itself for itself".


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    Japanese: kore-ni tsukiru (too hard to translate it but my try is "hence that's up" or "winds up in here").


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    French (lower Normandy)
    In French, we would rather say "tout est dans le titre" (literally: everything's in the title)
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