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The travail of rugby league illuminate Britain's painful reg

Discussion in 'English Only' started by cohinder, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. cohinder

    cohinder New Member

    The travail of rugby league illuminate Britain's painful regional division.

    I don't quite understand this word illuminate here, I was wondering in place of illuminate, can I use showcase, or underline, or highlight, or be in tune with.

    Thanks a lot

    the article is here

    also in the same article, the subheading reads A sticky pitch for the Tories.

    what the word pitch means here.
  2. The sentence is ungrammatical. Please tell us in which paragraph of the article to find it. Not all of us are interested enough in rugby to search through all that.

    Please ask the second question in a separate thread in accordance with the rules.

  3. cohinder

    cohinder New Member

    It's the second sub-heading on the third line counting the title, It's in bold font.
    I omitted an s-ending at the word travails.
  4. wandle

    wandle Senior Member

    English - British
    Therefore the correct sentence is:
    What does 'illuminate' mean?

    Meanings (1) and (2) in the WordRef dictionary entry for 'illuminate' are relevant here.

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