The U.S and USSR abandoned their <wartime alliance of convenience>

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park sang joon

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By late 1946 the simmering antagonisms between Moscow and Washington had come to boil. The U.S and USSR abandoned their wartime alliance of convenience and struggled for advantage in the power vacuum left by the defeat of Germany and Japan.
[Source: Reading for Results Ninth Edition by Laraine Flemming]
I'd like to know if I can replace the phrase "wartime alliance of convenience" with "convenient wartime alliance."
Thank you in advance for your help.
  • PaulQ

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    Yes, you can, although the phrase will not have the same meaning.

    Noun of convenience - that which benefits both sides but with which neither side is necessarily comfortable.
    noun = that which benefits both sides and with which both sides are happy.


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    The original is based on the specific idiom 'marriage of convenience', a marriage entered into for social convenience rather than for any real desire for the other person.
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