'the undisguised weight solidity bulk and counter-intuitive juxtapositions'

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Again asking for help.

The followings are from Jonathan Meades' documentary :: Bunkers Brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete Poetry

...This architecture was the so-called Modern Gothic, modern, certainly, but it had little to do with any hitherto identified form of Gothic.
It may have lacked stylistic precursors, but it did possess precursors of a different kind, emotional precursors.
Antecedents which provoke the same mood carry the same sentimental charge,
which cause you to shiver with the same delighted horror or unqualified horror. Horror, full stop.
Which presage the undisguised weight solidity bulk and counter-intuitive juxtapositions of the Modern Gothic.
Because they create what is unfamiliar, what was never previously thought or revealed, the greatest artists incite the greatest contempt, the most furious denigration...

Can anybody kindly explain me the meaning of 'the undisguised weight solidity bulk and counter-intuitive juxtapositions' ?
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    It is surely just saying that the antecedents had some of the qualities of the Modern Gothic. Qualities like undisguised weight, bulkiness and unexpected juxtapositions ..

    The notion of unexpected juxtapositions maybe defined elsewhere in the text, but at the very least it means putting together features what one would not usually see together in architecture.
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