The usage of a dash (-) when writing numbers: thirty(-) four

Discussion in 'English Only' started by NickJunior, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. NickJunior Senior Member

    Amérique du Nord
    Here is a number amount of $234.45. When you write the amount out in words which one below is correct?

    1) Two hundred thirty four and 45/100 dollars. Or

    2) Two hundreds thirty-four and 45/100 dollars.

    Thanks you in advance.
  2. mizzi nash

    mizzi nash Member

    Great Britain
    You would say:
    Two hundred and thirty four dollars, forty five cents.
    I think. I'm not too familiar with dollars ..//x
  3. dwipper Senior Member

    Iowa, U.S.
    U.S. English
    First, the horizontal line in this case is a hyphen, not a dash.

    Here's how I would write it: Two hundred thirty-four dollars and forty-five cents.

    This site should answer your questions on writing out numbers.
  4. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member

    The City of New York
    USA - English
    Assuming you are writing this on a check, it would be two hundred thirty-four and 45/100 dollars.

    It is "two hundred", not "two hundreds".
    There is no "and" between the "two hundred" and the "thirty-four".
    "Thirty-four" is written with a hyphen.
    When writing the number 234.45 on a check, you would do this regardless of whether the amount was in dollars, or pounds, or euros, or any other decimal currency.
  5. NickJunior Senior Member

    Amérique du Nord
    Thank you all very much. I learn a lot from reading your responses.
  6. Elwintee Senior Member

    London England
    England English
    Dear GreenWhiteBlue: We are divided by our language. In BE usage "and" is essential, to omit it is presumably absolutely correct American English.

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