the usage of " starts off"

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Can "Start off" be used formally in academic writing as in:

This chapter starts off by providing a discussion of ...

Can you suggest another alternative term for "Starts off"
  • Aud Duck

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    I don't suppose it would be wrong, exactly, but "start off" strikes me as an informal phrase. I would say "The chapter begins with a discussion of...," or simply "The chapter starts with a discussion of...." The first example is probably preferable. The words "by providing" are unnecessary.


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    The chapter opens with...........................

    The chapter opens with the main character complaining about her Geometry exam.



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    Those possibilities, my favourite would be "This chapter begins ..."

    I come across this quite often, and I have not yet found an example that loses anything when I delete the sentence completely. Why do you feel the reader needs to be told what this chapter begins with?

    Start it, please, then I'll know what it starts with:)

    If it seems necessary to explain what's coming next, what about, "This chapter sets out the ...", "... describes how ...", "... analyses the ...".
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