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    To who may be able to provide guidance,

    I am searching for an answer on the appropriate use of "and" in Spanish. I know that and is "y", but it is also my understanding that in writing, at times, you should use "u". Is this only related to cases where and spanish word ends with a vowel before the use of "and"? For instance, if I say, "open enrollment takes effect in May and/or November. Would I say "La matrícula abierta se efectúa en mayo u/o noviembre"? Or would I say "La matrícula abierta se efectúa en mayo y/o noviembre"?

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    "u" is not the equivalent of "y" but of "o". That is OR not AND. And you only use "u" when the next word starts with an o.

    So "mayo y/o noviembre is correct" but you would say "y/u octubre".
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    o and u = or
    y and e = and

    y = and
    e= and
    u= or
    o = or
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