The use of "each other" in French

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    It depends on the sentence, sometimes you can translate it by "l'un (pour) l'autre", sometimes by "entre eux", sometimes by "chacun", sometimes by a pronominal verb, sometimes you just can't translate it directly in a natural way, so you have to develop and rephrase.

    I suggest these, but there may be other possibilities:
    They only had each other :arrow: Il n'avait qu'elle et elle n'avait que lui (provided this is a male-female configuration)
    They shared it only with each other :arrow: Ils ne se le partageaient qu'entre eux

    There are many threads on the forum about each other:
    EN: each other / one another
    FR: They looked at each other
    FR: We call each other.
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    Hello NextToNothing166 and welcome to the forums! :)

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