the volume is thin


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Correct me if I am wrong. I think when talking about sales/transaction volume, you could say it is small or big, but could you say it is thick or thin? What kind of adjectives could I use besides the ones I mentioned?

Meanwhile, the transaction volume in Deerhill Bay is relatively thin compared with other developments.
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    Thanks, Maestro! Am I right that thin or thick does not fit volume? Could I say the "sales volume" (if such thing exists, ) is light or heavy?


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    Thick or thin do not fit any situation. Stock trading is light or heavy, and real property, such as housing markets, are referred to as strong or weak.
    I disagree. Thin trading is a very frequently used term in reporting on financial market activities.

    Have a look:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 143,000 for "thin trading"

    These are not oddball incidences. The term is common.


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    search on "thick trading," you will mostly find links to extra heavy trading cards, with extremely few references to stock trading. I have never heard "thick" trading used in this context.
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