The waitress gave them pizza mistakingly / mistakenly

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Could I use the following sentence to describe a situation which the waitress gave customers pizza but actually they ordered something else? Thank you.

The waitress gave them pizza mistakingly.
  • JamesM

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    "mistakenly." Otherwise, it's perfectly understandable. For me, the word order is better as:

    "The waitress mistakenly gave them pizza."

    It isn't wrong the other way but I think it is clearer if "mistakenly" is close to "gave" since it is modifying "gave".


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    You could also say "the waitress gave them pizza by mistake".

    "By mistake" sounds less formal than "mistakenly":)


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    As JamesM said... mistakenly gave them pizza.

    Or you could say, gave them pizza by mistake.

    I see a dearth of usage of "mistakingly", so much so that I'd actually ask if it was a word prior to using it myself.
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