the way how?

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South Korea, Han-gul
We can use "the place where", "the time when", "the reason why" etc, but why they say we can not use "the way how"?

And I found out there's one example of the use of "the way how."

The song: Tamale by Fatman Scoop
(Just the way how she move her body)
Na na na (You can tell that she's a Tamale)

I think even if strict grammarian opposes to use 'the way how, people use 'the way how' anyhow.

My question is
Is 'the way how S+V' OK?
If it's not OK, why is that?
Thanks. Bae.
  • JamesM

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    I wouldn't use it, and I wouldn't recommend that anyone use it. Perhaps it's common in a particular dialect but in most settings I know it would sound very childlike. "Do you know the way how trucks work?" sounds to me like something a small child would say.

    By the way, I just noticed this is your first post. Welcome to the forum, Bae!

    Orange Blossom

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    U.S.A. English
    The reason why you don't say "the way how" is because the two words essentially mean the same thing.

    If I ask how something is done, I'm asking the way it is done, or the manner in which it is done.

    Orange Blossom
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