The ways of using 'enjoy'verbally.

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Li singh

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I have come across two sentences-'We enjoyed the party' and 'We enjoyed ourselves at the party; but my mind has whirled to think the difference between the two in sense.
Thanks in advance
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    Enjoying yourself means having a good time, but it doesn't say what it is that is making you happy. Normally, of course, if you enjoy yourself at a party, it is the party that is enjoyable: you enjoy the party. But it need not be. I might have enjoyed myself at a party by sitting quietly in a corner reading a good book on Sanskrit grammar, and wearing ear-plugs, while all those idiots around me were dancing and getting drunk and playing loud music. They were enjoying the party, I was enjoying my book, but we were all enjoying ourselves.
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