the weary hour

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"If someone in a group of merry talkers, assembled to wile away the weary hour, inadvertently mentions the name of a dead person, another in a hoarse whisper cries out 'It is a dead person'..."

The Ohlon Way - Malcolm Magolin

"To wile away the weary hour" means spend time to avoid boredom or it is like they get together talking jollily to rest a bit after their weary activity?

Thank you in advance
  • Cenzontle

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    As you probably know, "the weary hour" is not ordinary language,
    but instead an example of the rhetorical device called hypallage, also called a "transferred epithet".
    In literal terms, only a person or an animal can be "weary".
    So "the weary hour" is a poetic way of referring to an hour a time when people are weary.
    To me it is unclear whether they are physically or mentally weary.
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