The Wheels of Chance


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What does "the wheel of chance" mean?

It's the title of the novel. Does it mean "there are many chances" ?
Thank you.
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    I've just found out the novel is by H. G. Wells, so what I am going to say may not capture all the nuances that Wells imbued into the title. The noun phrase "by chance" primarily reminds me of randomness, haphazardness, and intransigence. Just as a game of chance is dictated by the random numbers one gets from the roll of dice, so the work looks to me a travelog of a bicycle rider whose chance (i.e., random) encounters with people will have bearings on his life.

    This is what I gathered from a hurried look at the Wikipedia article of the work.


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    A "wheel of chance" is a roulette wheel (or something similar). A bicycle has two wheels. So Wells made the noun plural to reflect the bicycle journey of the story.