the whole aberration of the 'British Empire' was enforced

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That was when the trouble started. After the tragic events of 1857 -9, the so-called Indian Mutiny, the East India Company was wound up and the British governor became a viceroy. Eighteen years later the queen became the empress of India, and the whole aberration of the 'British Empire' was enforced. It lasted, as far as India was concerned, just ninety years,a very short period in the lives both of Britain and of India.(A N Wilson After the Victorians)
Q: aberration: "the whole aberration of the 'British Empire' was enforced" =The abnormal rule by British Empire was forcefully conducted?
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    We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind.
    Sir John Robert Seeley, The Expansion of England, 1883

    The idea is that the English didn't set out to build a great empire: it accumulated over time, in a haphazard fashion. I suspect this is what Wilson was thinking of when he described it as an 'aberration'. It was enforced - "made official" perhaps, with all that that entails.
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