the wind blows the gone-to-seed dandelion puff of his hair

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What does the below bolded phrase mean ?

Phil smiles. The wind blows the gone-to-seed dandelion puff of his hair. His scalp shines gauzily through. He’s not the young man who once came roistering out of Brooklyn, broad-shouldered as a longshoreman (and just as foul-mouthed), but Pauline can still see the shadow of that man, who was so full of anger, despair, and hilarity.
Source: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

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    His hair is as sparse as the stems supporting dandelion seeds in this picture:

    Edit: The dandelion in this photo has "gone to seed." It is at the stage in its development where it is ready to disperse seeds. From our dictionary:


    go or run to seed:
    • (of the flower of a plant) to pass to the stage of providing seed.
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