'the' with band names (definite article).

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    Several months ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine (he's american by the way) and he told me that when he came to Italy on vacation he's noticed that italians tend to use "the" a lot of more than native speakers do... like he was telling me that some guy asked him "do you like THE Guns 'n Roses?" instead of just saying "do you like Guns 'n Roses?", so what i'd like to know is when "the" should be used and when it SHOULDN'T be used, this might sound like a stupid question but it still causes me a bit of confusion.

    Thanks in advance
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    There are many threads on the use of "the" if you search for definite article. I suggest that you look at them. If you have any question about the topic discussed in a thread, you may add it to that thread.

    However, I did not see any that touched the specific question you ask here: the use of "the" with band names. I am leaving this thread open and asking people who respond to confine themselves to this topic.

    Cagey, moderator.
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    Hi Bling,

    I don't think this is a dumb question at all, but I don't know the specific grammar rule for this. Sometimes you include the definite article and sometimes you do not. Here are a few examples:

    I always enjoy listening to the Beatles.
    I always enjoy listening to the Fugees.
    ... the Temptations
    ... the Monkeys
    ....Gladys Knight and the Pips
    ....the Judds

    I always enjoy listening to Journey
    ....to Aerosmith
    ....to Seals & Croft
    ....to Michael Jackson
    ....to Destiny's Child

    I don't feel that I have answered your question, but here are a few examples to hopefully help you.
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    In general, "The" should be used when it is part of the band's name, and should not be used when it is not part of the band's name.

    Here's a list of bands whose name begins with "The":

    • The Beatles
    • The Replacements
    • The Clash
    • The Pogues
    Here's a list of bands whose name does not begin with "The":

    • Nirvana
    • Wilco
    • Uncle Tupelo
    • Death Cab for Cutie
    • Phish
    Now, I can think at least two bands whose official name does *not* start with "The" (look at their album covers) but who often or almost always referred to with the "The" in conversation:

    • (The) Grateful Dead
    • (The) Foo Fighters
    As you can see, bands with plural names usually use the "The" in their names--officially and unofficially--but this isn't always the case (e.g. The Clash is a singular name, Phish is a plural name).

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