The women were too nice to be well dressed ...


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The dining-room was inconveniently crowded. There was a KC and his wife, a Government official and his wife, Mrs. Strickland's sister and her husband, Colonel MacAndrew, and the wife of a Member of Parliament. It was because the Member of Parliament found that he could not leave the House that I had been invited. The respectability of the party was portentous. The women were too nice to be well dressed, and too sure of their position to be amusing.

Excerpt From
The Moon and Sixpence
W Somerset Maugham
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Hi. Does the bold part mean “The women were so nice that they were not well dressed and so sure of their position that they were not amusing”?
Thank you.
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    I understand it to mean that they were nice, poorly dressed, and too self-confident (sure of their position) to be amusing. ( = They were not amusing)
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