The word фильм in nominative and accusative


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1) Мы видели новый фильм.
2) Какой интересный фильм!

I don't understand why the word фильм is in accusative case in the first sentence and in nominative case in the second sentence.

In the first, because it is the direct object of the transitive verb "видели"?

In the second, it is the subject or a predicate nominative?

Thanks in advance.
  • gvozd

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    Yes, you're absolutely correct, it's the object of an action in the first sentence. We saw (what?) a new movie.
    In the second sentence it's not the object of an action. It's the subject. In this particular phrase it's not the doer of the action, but we can build a new sentence with the same sense. Фильм показался нам очень интересным. In the new one фильм is the doer of the action, therefore it's in the nominative case.
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