The word refugee... is flooding the Internet.


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One of my students wrote:

The word "refugee" has hit the news like a lighning strike and is flooding the Internet.

This is the beginning of the student's essay. Please forgive me that I don't add an extra sentence after the one above, but the sentence that would follow is so unclear that it wouldn't be of any help. In the second sentence there are many structural flaws.

My question is: Can a word (refugee) flood the Internet? Or does he need to express his idea in a much clearer way? => The Internet is being flooded with stories about refugees.
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    Bearing in mind that this is an obvious exaggeration, I see no inherent problem with associating "flooding" with a word, if that word is popping up all over the place.
    That said, your version is indeed an improvement.

    The mixed metaphor is amusing. Can a lightning strike flood anything?
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