The word "win"

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    Again, none of these are correct. You cannot win in relation to another person, you can only win a race or a prize (or similar). The verb to use in relation to another person is "beat".

    1) I beat you.
    2) I beat you.
    3) I beat you in the race.

    To use "won" in this context you need to say something like: "I won the race".

    Thomas Tompion

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    Which would you use?

    1) "I win you."

    2) "I win over you."

    3) "I win the race on you."

    I'm afraid I'd use none of these Nick.

    1. I beat you 2. I beat you 3. I beat you in the race.

    is how what I understand you to be saying is most naturally phrased, to my ear.

    P.S. I see that the Mole, who is extremely reliable, agrees with me.


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    Thank you so much, MM and TT. Your explanations have cleared up my long-timed confusion once and for all. Now I can correct the people around me who always say, "I win you."
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