The world can/may burn for all I care...

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I was wondering if you could use 'may/might' instead of 'can/could' in the following sentences:

The world can/may burn for all I care...
The world could burn for all he cared/The world might burn for all he cared

If so, what would be the difference in nuance?
  • Dryan

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    In my dialect, “may” is rare and generally prescriptive. You are told to use it for permission but “can” and “may” are pretty much interchangeable in my experience.

    According to American English prescriptivism:

    “The world may burn for all I care.” = “I will allow it to burn.”

    “The world can burn for all I care” = “I won’t prevent it from burning.”

    The difference is subtle and not universally recognized.
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