the worst conservative betrayal


By expressing "the worst conservative betrayal", the speaker tells the reader that Pence's professed principles are the core of conservative values?

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But he clearly had not anticipated the outrage he’d triggered, and then he had tried to save his career at the expense of his professed principles. Steve Deace, an influential conservative radio host, told me that Pence’s reversal was “almost the worst conservative betrayal I’ve witnessed in my career.” He added, “He had no chance at national office after that, other than getting on the Trump ticket.”

-New Yorker

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    I don't think the statement itself implies anything about whether Pence's professed principles are at the core of the entire movement's core values, though you can assume they are, more or less.

    The New Yorker, as you no doubt know, is at the opposite end of the political spectrum from Pence and the conservatives. Deace has called himself a "token" conservative who gets interviewed a lot in liberal venues. It's really hard to differentiate accurate portrayals in all this mish-mash of opinions.


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    Does the speaker, when he says "the worst conservative betrayal", tells tell the reader that Pence's professed principles are the core of conservative values?
    (Note how questions are formed. You should not, except in restricted contexts, simply put a question mark at the end of a statement.)

    No, that is not what the sentence means.

    It means that Pence's action was seen as a great betray as far as conservative values were concerned.


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    On second thought, the term "conservative betrayal" is a little ambiguous. It could mean "betrayal by a conservative politician" or it could focus on what is being betrayed, as PaulQ says, conservative values. I was reading it more as the first. Either way, the betrayal comes from the reversal in position. How central the political issue is to conservative values is a different question. But probably pretty close.
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